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Brilliance Facial Mask

Brilliance Facial Mask

Polish your skin with this timeless secret for restoring healthy-looking radiance. Achieve face nirvana with this magical mask that exfoliates dead skin cells and lifts impurities for a silky smooth finish. The Brilliance Repair Treatment Facial Mask is formulated with saffron, calendula, chamomile, vitamin E and is rich in antioxidants to holistically promote healthier skin.

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Brand Story

Founder: Dr. Jigyasa Sharma | Canada
Hymnologie believes in a new way of thinking about skin—moving beyond cosmetics and coverups to celebrating, supporting, and caring for the role skin plays in our overall health and wellbeing. It is important to honor your skin with ingredients that awaken your senses and support your innate cellular wisdom. We use only the purest ingredients and eco-inclusive botanicals. Based on the ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, designed to provide radiant, glowing skin and holistic harmony from the outside in.


A gentle, cooling, sensorial scrub that you can use once a week. It is powder texture and turns into a paste with very fine granules for a very gentle scrub.


CALENDULA Liberate your skin from the buildup of everyday impurities and pollution in the most relaxing way possible with the benefits of calendula. Calendula flowers have long been used in Ayurveda for their anti-inflammatory and medicinal properties that benefit the skin, including deep cleaning, hydration and brightening.

CHAMOMILE encourages a healthy skin complexion as it’s packed full of vital nutrients for the rejuvenation of skin cells and tissues. Soothe skin stress and promote natural skin turn over to instantly reveal a smoother complexion.

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Featured Review

"I have sensitive, acne prone skin so using anything to exfoliate with granules irritates my skin. This mask had such beautiful blend of fine granules that I felt I was rubbing a paste of fresh flowers. No tugging, pulling. It did instantly lift my skin for a smooth texture. "