Collection: Moisturizers & Face Oils


Whats the difference between moisturizer & face oil?

Moisturizer protects the outer layer of your skin. Its a must have. Face oil adds in a extra layer of hydration and penetrates deeper into your skin. Just 1-2 drops face oils dabbed in after a moisturizer or wear it alone after cleanse.

What is a compromised moisture barrier?

Your skin moisture barrier might be broken if you have sudden breakouts, rough patches, flaky skin, tiny bumps & it hurts or stings even when you use your regular skincare products. Recovering your skin hydration and restoring to simple cleanse and moisturizer for a few days can totally solve this.

Why is hydration so important?

We often don't realize that hydration is answer to so many skin concerns - dullness, dryness, first signs of fine lines. It's the basic but still most important for a mourished, healthy skin. Find a moisturizer that is right for you and cosnsitently use it morning and evening for visible results.

What is a face oil?

Face oils give a generous boost of hydration. It penerates one level deeper than the moisturizer and should be worn after your moisturizer. It locks in hydration for a long time on your face and gives the nourished glow to your skin.

What is the right order for a skincare routine?

Thinnest to thickest!

Serum is thinner than a moisturizer and thats thinner than a face oil. so the right order is:

Cleanse -> Tone -> Elixir or Serum -> Moisturizer -> Face Oil (Day time use suncreen after moisturize or after face oil)