Collection: Mists


Face mists & toners, how are they different?

Toners are primarily used to exfoliate, treat blemishes and to cleanse away anything your cleanser did not get to. They maintain the pH balance of your skin. 

Face mists are to help your skin with hydration and better absorbing other skincare products.

How do face mists work?

Face mist dampens your skin to make it easy for active ingredients in your serum or moisturizer to penetrate deeper. Think of your skin as a sponge, when it's wet it absorbs faster. Cleanse, Mist and then apply serum/moisturizer for more visible results.

When to use?

Toner: Use after cleansing, dab it in & let it absorb before you apply next product.

Mist: Use after cleansing & follow with other skincare while the skin is still damp. Face mists can be used anytime during the day when your skin needs a refreshing dose of hydration. Use it as a makeup setter or mix it with your face mask. 

Never used one, where should I start?

If you are new to toners/mists, start with mists. They are gentle and create a healthy layer for hydration. Hydrated skin can solve majority of your skin concerns. Stay away from anything that stings your skin, it may contain harsh astringent.

I see product score or rating. How is that calculated?

A product score ranges from 1 to 10. Higher the score, the better. Factors like sustainable packaging, ethical sourcing of ingredients, brands committment to clean beauty, safe for teens, unique formulation, cerified, vegan etc. all go in the calculation of this score.