Collection: Exfoliate & Masks


Should I exfoliate?

Yes, super important for all skin types. And also for aging skin. Exfoliation helps to clear pores, remove any dead, dry skin cells that cause dull and aged skin. It will help reduce breakouts too. Exfoliation will instantly give you smooth, even skin that your daily serum/moisturizer or makeup will glide on so much better. 

How often should I exfoliate?

If you are new to exfoliation, start with once a week. You can go up to 2-3 times a week but only if it helps your skin. Listen to your skin, every skin is different and you will have to find the right cadence for your skin. 

What are the types of exfoliaton?

PHYSICAL: Process of removing dead skin cells by rubbing the ingredients on skin surface. Scrubs, granular ingredients. face polish.

ENZYMATIC: Process of removing dead skin cells with ingredients that seep into the skin to dissolve & shed these dead cells easily. Fruit enzyme masks.

What's the difference between exfoliation & face masks?

Exfoliator is more to cleanse your skin of clogged pores, dead skin and to maintain a youthful skin. Masks contain ingredients that help with hydration and general relaxation. These days you will find multi tasking products that gently exfoliate and hydrate skin.

What is over or under exfoliation?

OVER EXFOLIATION: Irritation, redness, visible signs of flaking or rough skin that was never there. If you are a newbie start with once a week and ease into it.

UNDER EXFOLIATION: Not exfoliating enough, will allow dead skin to build up, potentially leading to dullness, congestion, skin that is not smooth to touch.

What's the right exfoliator based on my skin type?

For Dry/dehydrated skin you can use scrubs, face polish as these have more granular texture and can rub in to remove the dead skin cells. Sensitive, oily, or acne prone skin should opt for fruit enzyme masks or very fine granular product. If your skin generally doesn't like rubbing with granular ingredients go for smooth, gel based exfoliators.