Collection: Cleansers


What is double cleansing?

Most makeup, sunscreen are waterproof and a regular since cleanse might not be enough. So expert recommend to double cleanse in your evening routine. Ideally use a cleansing oil balm followed by a gentle face wash to make sure all grim, makeup is out and isn't left to clog pores or cause breakouts.

What is a cleansing oil or balm?

Cleansing oils or balms are different from traditional face wash as they don't contain many surfactants (foaming agents), which makes them more hydrating and soothing. Also note that oil absorbs oil which makes cleansing oils/balms more effective to remove dirt and makeup. Extremely gentle ingredients leave skin clean without stripping away moisture from the skin. A must try.

Is it normal for my skin to feel 'tight' after washing my face?

No, that squeaky clean or tight feeling indicates that the product is harsh on your skin and makes your skin dry or dehydrated. A good cleanser would never leave your skin feeling dry or tight.

What is a good sustainable alternative to makeup wipes?

Makeup wipes take the longest time to decompose and are a huge burden on environment. Opt for cleansing oils and balms that are far more gentle on your skin and our planet.

Can a cleansing oil be used everyday?

Yes, cleansing oils are extremely gentle and can be used everyday as a regular face wash besides being awesome at removing makeup.

I see product score or rating. How is that calculated?

A product score ranges from 1 to 10. Higher the score, the better. Factors like sustainable packaging, ethical sourcing of ingredients, brands committment to clean beauty, safe for teens, unique formulation, cerified, vegan etc. all go in the calculation of this score.