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Mask a day, will go a long way!

What does a mask do? 
Think of masks as a organic way to infuse skin-loving ingredients deeper into your skin layer. Masks are a compliment to daily cleansing and moisturizing of your skin. Masks boost the daily dosage your skin needs to treat any skin concerns you may have or to give it a much healthier glow. Adding a mask to your skincare routine (once per week) is effective way to supplement your skin with nutrients that will revive your skin natural complexion.
What is a powder mask?

Powder masks that are power packed with ingredients that become active when you mix the powder with your choice of hydrosol/liquid - water, milk, rose, tulsi water, honey or even greek yogurt. You can customize it as yo

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Ingredients matter and when mixed according to skin type, these masks are proven for efficacy and optimal potency. 

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