A beauty note to my younger self!

A beauty note to my younger self!

Makeup is the first thing young girls get attracted to - the dewy look, glow and glitter, scrumptious lip colors, rosy cheeks. We invest ourselves in learning tips and tricks to get that perfect look. For me I had fallen in love with using a hair straightener and all about eyes. Even when 30+ my skin faired well — every single day to work wear makeup (not heavy but yet that made me feel good). Never did I thought about sunscreen (yeah sure I used tinted moisturizer maybe like a SPF 15, ain’t that good enough?) or a good weekly exfoliating mask, or a night time routine. All that seemed liked too much work - I am just fine. I used to commute for work and still manage to squeeze in good 10-15 mins to do my hair and makeup. That just became a part of the routine so naturally - so the question is why I thought skincare would be too much work. Because there are instant results with makeup, immediate benefits that boost to my confidence. Part of the reason is also that I just didn’t know where to start or what does it even mean to take care of my skin - am I not doing that already?

So the lesson for my younger self would be to get the basics right:
-- Wash your face every single night. If your skin feels tight after cleansing - that’s not right. Find a gentle cleanser.

-- Start a serum (a simple Vitamin C one would do), just at night if concerned about too many layers

-- Use sunscreen religiously every day. I avoided this because they used to sting my eyes - I just didn’t try enough to find a good one, and there are plenty that I like now.

-- Invest in a good hydration mist & moisturizer. Remember hydration solves so many of our skin concerns as we age.

-- Don’t forget to exfoliate. Just once a week.

The age bells rang for me at 35. Ohh that first signs of lines near by eyes. I honestly never cared about fine lines until it actually happened. The idea is not to stop aging, but to avoid unnecessary acceleration of the process by taking good care of your skin. I don’t even like the word ‘anti-aging'. I embrace my age, but well and gracefully - slow and steady. Hope this helps all you vibrant women!!
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